New Season Unfolds!

(Pic of Sunset over Wheat Crop) 

Oh the Winds, they are A-Changing…

Well, Summer is most assuredly winding down and the days are definitely getting shorter with occasional blasts of cooler air. Trina has flown to Brazil with nine friends to an island off the coast of Sao Paulo and is unleashing a whole new generation of Kingdom-focused Christians. I am beginning to work my way home to Utah via our established heartbeat of America route: Wisconsin to North Carolina to Florida to Louisiana to New Mexico to Utah!

For the moment I am paused in Wisconsin with the Travis Family and we are encouraging each other as only Kingdom Kids can! We are actively pressing in for new levels of encounters with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as we stand in agreement that this trip to Brazil will be completely off the charts with miracles, signs and wonders abounding!

(Pic of me with Margaret and Roy) 

This is Margaret, Roy and myself, enjoying a coffee up in the treetops shortly after I arrived. We continued our rumination in the Lord the next morning and found ourselves considering this:

In God there is no darkness, no turning or shadow and when we look on Father God, we become more and more like him and we will need to turn and repent less and less because we will find ourselves in Him and He is all light and He is the Way and we will be right on track.

We also pondered this:

“All of creation is awaiting the unveiling of the Sons of God!” This caused us to realize that there are still some Sons of God who do not yet realize just who they are because there is currently a veil over their eyes which is obscuring their ability to clearly see who they are.

As we considered these points to ponder, we decided to accept the invitation to Intercession for Brazil as well as for all of Father God’s Children who do not yet know who they really are. Join us as we stand in the gap for those who have not yet seen the fullness of their identity in Christ…

Eternal Hope in Christ

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