Kenya 2018

We are currently sitting in the airport in Nairobi Kenya awaiting a plane to travel to Malawi One via Ethiopia. Our visit to Kenya was jam packed with training and equipping the young leaders at a four day conference as well as preaching and teaching at the Upper Room Grace Ministries Sunday service. We even managed to squeeze in some street evangelism in a village nearby in preparation for a crusade they were having. 

Although it may have been a bit frustrating at the time, we believe that the Lord illustrated the difference between the impact of power evangelism versus following the same old recipe without success. One of the final thoughts that we left the youth leaders with was that when they go out to evangelize, they should just consider that it is an opportunity to make new friends who they will have for eternity and not go with an agenda, but rather trust the Holy Spirit to lead them.

We spent the majority of the first day teaching them about who it is that they have the opportunity to be because of what Jesus did for them. We also taught them how to utilize the Bible in order to be transformed by the renewing of their minds as well as how to defeat old habits through using scripture as their weapon of choice. On the second day we trained them on the four doors of legal access by Satan and then led them in a prayer to close those four doors and sever any unholy or unhealthy soul ties as well as release forgiveness to each and every person who may have hurt them whether they knew it or not. We taught them about the truth that forgiveness does not mean that what was done was OK, but rather it means that you choose to trust God and no longer be tormented by an event in the past. On the final day, we taught them some of the different ways in which we can receive words of encouragement and words of knowledge for others and then we had many of them practice giving a word to someone they did not know within the conference. I believe a lot of seeds were planted and that it is going to be amazing to learn some of the testimonies that come out of these young people! 

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