Breakthrough Declaration

(Pic of Setting Sun on Wolf Island from Linda Island) 


I declare that I am seated in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus and that He is giving me strategies for breakthrough!

I declare that eternity is in my heart and on my mind as Jesus is in me and I am in Him!

I declare I am taking my rightful place and the calling upon my life is coming forth unhindered in the fullness of the Lord! Thank you Lord for your healing angels and for the breakthrough angel.

I declare I am catching the Wind of the Spirit as I step into acceleration and restoration! I am riding the Wind of the Spirit to go higher in Him!

I declare I am transitioning from the process of being formed and fashioned as a diamond in the center of the Father’s heart!

I declare that the government of heaven is being established in this land and His people will receive Declarations, Dreams and Visions from Him to ensure His Kingdom Government is established and prevails!

I declare that I am humble and wholly surrendered and submitted to the Lord and His purposes for my life! I walk in peaceful unity with my Kingdom-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. I am established and steadfast. I am settled in my rightful place because I am tender in the Lord and know His great love for me. My intentions have been sanctified and purified by the Sword of the Spirit and I am kingdom-minded! I am the Bride of Christ and I will not compromise!

I declare that the Lord is bringing freedom to the captives of this land and that they will come to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth as their Lord and Savior! I declare that men and women will rise up together to walk in harmonious unity as the Bride of Christ, rightly aligned with the Father’s heart!

I declare that today is the Day of Salvation all throughout the land!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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