Be Ready…Always

(Pic of Wall w/ Tree painted on it) 

Jesus said to His brothers ” my time is not yet come, but your time is always here.” When we have Jesus with us, in our hearts, we should always be ready.

Jesus saw a fig tree and even though it was not the season for figs, He checked it for fruit. When it did not have fruit for Him, He cursed it. The next day the disciples saw it was completely dead. The fig tree should have recognized its master and produced fruit as Jesus always brings Life and Life more abundant.

Jesus prays for a blind man and then asks what he sees. The man says he sees “men like trees.” Jesus prays again and the man says his eyes are completely healed. I do not believe Jesus actually needed to pray twice. I believe that His first prayer opened the man’s spiritual eyes and he saw the disciples and described them as trees for the Bible says we will become like oaks of righteousness planted by streams of Living water. I believe Jesus then prayed for the man’s natural eyes to be opened. Jesus is always most concerned with our spiritual condition for the spiritual is eternal while the natural is merely like a vapor, passing away quickly.

We have been given every spiritual blessing in Jesus! In the Book of the Revelation of Jesus, it says “on each side of the river is a Tree of Life producing twelve kinds of fruit yielding its fruit every month of the year and it’s leaves are got the healing of the nations.”

We are to be ready in ALL seasons and that which we have been given in Jesus is for the healing of the nations!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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