Are You Willing to be Sprinkled Out?


I hear the Lord asking:

Would you be willing to be sprinkled out?

Are you willing to have a little bit of you left behind wherever you go that could continuously be used to nourish and enrich those just beginning to develop their Kingdom Roots?

Would you be willing to focus on simply sharing of yourself with the one in front of you and trusting me (the Lord) to put together the bigger picture overall?

Would you submit to the Truth that that which looks to be the least in the world’s eyes is that which is most valuable to me?

Will you trust me in the minor details?

Will you let me handle things – orchestrating a master Symphony of your life, note-by-note, while I play you as an instrument bringing the world to its knees by the beautiful simplicity of our walk, hand-in-hand in harmony, with me in the lead and you trusting in me and investing your faith in My Kingdom?

Saturated by grace,
I feel your embrace
Drawing me ever deeper
As I longingly seek your face.

Reigning down from Heaven
You drench us in your love,
Perfecting our broken places.
We are freed to thrive once more,
No longer empty in our searching,
We have been found by the one we adore!
The one who holds us together
No matter what we face!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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