All of Heaven Celebrates

(Pic of Blue Painted Rock) 

Celebrating the Wonders of The Lord!!!

We went to one of the beachside towns to explore during the afternoon. We went to one store to get a screen protector for Biah’s new phone. While we were there we gave a word of encouragement to the man putting it on her phone. As we were leaving, one of the other young men came outside with us. Trina began speaking with him and he ended up doing a spontaneous rap which she put on Facebook live.

We walked down to the beach where we saw a man with his right hand wrapped like it was broken. We asked if we could pray for him. He was happy for us to pray for him since he needs to be able to go back to work. We told him that he himself should lay his own hand on it and thank Jesus for healing it each morning. As we spoke to him, his wife got goosebumps! She looked amazed by what she was feeling. We went our separate ways only to have the man come back to ask if he could get a picture with us!

As we were walking along, a man on a motorcycle called out to us as he went past. I thought he was Felippe, our host, and turned to see him turn his bike around and come up onto the sidewalk. He had a helmet on and spoke to Biah telling her “the peace of The Lord” and continued to say,”God is confirming the desire of your heart!”

The man was a complete stranger! Yet he heard The Lord and stopped to give us a Word. Biah’s desire of her heart is to be a missionary. Trina’s desire is to see others be empowered to walk out their destinies and my desire is for people to be encouraged by knowing that The Lord loves them and believes in them, knowing they can overcome whatever is holding them back from their destinies. How wonderful to receive such a blessing as we were out on the streets to encourage others.

Last night several children were baptized in the Holy Spirit and two chose to invite Jesus into their hearts and give their lives to Him. Two women came up for prayer and had encounters with The Lord, simply standing there with their eyes closed for about five minutes. We are celebrating what The Lord is doing!

When we returned from preaching at the Church, our hosts were having a chahascaria (BBQ) celebrating Allesandra’s Father’s Birthday. As we were talking with him, he was surprised at how much I could understand when they were talking in Portuguese among themselves. I explained that I had studied Spanish in high school many years ago. He said that he was not good at languages because Castellian Spanish is spoken too fast and Guatemalan Spanish is slower, but he lost his hearing in one ear and that made it too hard to understand. When I heard that, I knew we needed to pray for him.

We prayed and his ear opened!!! We prayed two more times and you should have seen his face when he realized that he could hear other people talking at the far end of the porch! The Lord gave him the best Birthday present ever!!!

The more we minister, the more we realize we are here for the one on one encounters rather than for church. God is all about relationships! He is really pouring out on His Sons and Daughters. He is really looking for the hungry ones. The ones who were pushed away by religion. He wants them to know who He really is and that His heart is for them!!! He wants each and every one of His Sons and Daughters at His Wedding Banquet. How can they be there if they have not been invited by us? We have an incredible opportunity to invite to prodigals to come home. We can be those who are known for the way we all ove. We can be instruments of reconciliation, His Ambassadors, inviting the lost, the last, and the least to enter in to His Kingdom!!!


Eternal Hope in Christ

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